About the Author

My academic studies started in 1986 when I enrolled for a National Diploma in State Administration with Technicon RSA. In 1989 I obtained a National Diploma in Administration from Technicon RSA whereby I passed Economics, Financial Management and Statistics. 


In 1991 I started with my legal studies at UNISA and completed a B Proc Degree [1998] followed by a LLB Degree in 2002. I enrolled for a LLM Degree which I completed in 2006. I majored in Advanced Criminal Law, Labour Law and Environmental Law. In 2006 I also completed a Diploma in Insolvency Practice (AIPSA) of which I received a distinction for the drafting of accounts and schedules.


Since 2010 to 2014 I have done some research for an LLD Degree which was in the process but not yet finalised. I hope to seriously start with the thesis in 2015.

From 1977 to 1981 I studies BSc Agriculture but did not complete my final year. In 1982 I joined the South African Defence Force. Logistics formed the basis of my employment. I served in Pretoria, Katima Molilo and Pietersburg [now Polokwane].


After 16 years I left the South African defence Force and completed my LLB studies. During 2001 I was employed as a part time lecturer at Damelin in Polokwane. It was an interesting experience and I lectured Management, Business Finance, Labour Law, Tourism and basic Bookkeeping.


In 2002 I relocated to Pretoria and on 30 May 2002 I was admitted as an advocate by Judge Swart [now retired] and Judge Bertelsmann. From June 2002 to November 2002, I did my pupilage at the Pretoria Society of Advocates. I passed the exams and started my practice in 2003.


In 2006 I joined the Gauteng Society of Advocates and I have been elected the Secretary of this Bar since 2001 – some 5 consecutive years. I am also involved in the training of the pupils at the Bar and have been elected the Secretary and Training Official of the Federation of Advocates of South Africa.



I have been awarded a ‘red bag’ in September 2014 by dr Len Els SC. I am proud thereof.

First and foremost my family is very close to my heart. I can be a bit stubborn but not closed to a good argument.


I like the outdoors and the wilderness. I had the opportunity to travel with my wife to Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia. I have a very soft spot for the Zambezi River as I stayed on the banks of this majestic river for 6 years. We had to leave in 1989 when Namibia was on the brink of Independence and I had the privilege to go back there after 25 years to ‘drink the water of this river’.


I like to read books and documents but not novels – it I read a novel I am bored. I like to do research to know more than my opponent, to analyse judgments and to make summaries of it – it is food for the mind.


I collect old money and stamps for many years.


I am a dedicated hunter who believes in ‘shooting for the pot’ and I have a keen interest in teaching younger people the art of the bush, the silence, the movements and the ‘stories of the veldt’. One realise that nature is kind and cruel – protect it.


I have a soft spot for the anti-poaching organisations and the work they do – we don’t always appreciate their effort and extreme conditions they endure to prevent poaching.


We had 9 dogs – only two were bought; the others just appeared on the scene as unwanted or in the way. We opened our doors and accepted them[ just for the record they are Yorkies, Miniature Dobermans and a Sausage dog] – all children in our house. Now we have eight dogs – one passed away recently.


I am a keen horticulturist and amateur photographer..

Legal Aspects Covered

  • Criminal 85%
  • Labour 90%
  • Tax 80%
  • Estates 70%
  • Civil 95%